Quote on creativity by Earl Nightingale

A quote on creativity by Earl Nightingale is the subject of this blog post.

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” Earl Nightingale

“Excellent quote by Earl Nightingale that I totally agree with. If you are enthusiastic about your work you will naturally become much more creative as your mind will be stimulated.  If you are not enthusiastic about your work you will find it hard to reach any level of creativity at all.  I know this from my own life. If I am really enthusiastic about the project I am working on I am virtually always much more creative and even inventive. It seems like nothing can get in my way or stop me from my goal when I am enthusiastic.” Stan Burman

Stan Burman is an entrepreneur and freelance paralegal who has worked in California and Federal litigation since 1995 and relocated to the Philippines several years ago by taking to heart some of the useful quotations posted on this blog.  He has created over 255 sample legal documents for California and Federal litigation which can be viewed at https://www.scribd.com/LegalDocsPro

Visit his websites at http://www.legaldocspro.net or http://www.legaldocspro.com

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