Quote by Adam Smith on society

A quote by Adam Smith on society is the topic of this blog post.

“No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.” Adam Smith

“This quote by Adam Smith is absolutely true as history is filled with examples of societies in which the great majority of the people were poor and miserable and those societies were almost always rocked by numerous revolutions that were often bloody and violent. It should be self-evident to any thinking person that no society can be considered stable if the great majority of the people are poor and destitute. Desperate people have little or nothing to lose and people with nothing to lose often commit desperate acts that they would not normally do. Sadly the numbers of poor in the United States are growing rapidly which does not bode well for its future.” Stan Burman

Stan Burman is an entrepreneur and freelance paralegal that has collected unpaid California judgments since 1992 as well as worked in California and Federal litigation since 1995. He relocated to the Philippines several years ago by taking to heart some of the useful quotations posted on this blog. He has created over 300 sample legal documents for California and Federal litigation which can be viewed at https://www.scribd.com/LegalDocsPro

Visit his website at http://www.legaldocspro.net and his blog at http://www.legaldocspro.net/blog



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